Global Quaker Network


The Quaker Star has been the symbol of Friends’ non-partisan, pacifist humanitarian witness since the 1870s.

Canadian Friends Service Committee is part of a global Quaker network of service agencies, including:

We share information, offer mutual support, and, as led, collaborate on shared concerns.
Since 1948, the Quaker United Nations Offices (QUNOs) has represented Quakers worldwide through Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC), supporting the United Nations’ efforts to abolish war and promote peaceful resolution of conflicts, human rights, economic justice and good governance.
Your donation helps CFSC financially support the work of the QUNOs. CFSC collaborates with the QUNOs on conscientious objection, human rights (women in prison), Indigenous rights, and conflict prevention. CFSC provides leadership at the UN for Friends, through FWCC, on Indigenous Rights and receives valuable support from the QUNOs in this work.
In addition, the Quaker Agencies, or other Quaker bodies, form “networks” to information share and collaborate in the planning on work in a particular area. An example is the Quaker Peace Network, an initiative of Quaker Agencies (including CFSC) and Friends in the Great Lakes Region of Africa, which seeks to promote peace-building and economic development in the region as well as witness to the United Nations so that broader policy questions can be informed by those with direct experience of the issues involved.