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KAIROS, the ecumenical social justice agency” src=”×193.jpg” width=”300″ height=”193″ /> Friends are founders and members of KAIROS, the ecumenical social justice agency. Pictured: Atlantic Friends with a banner made for a KAIROS action on Parliament Hill.

Partnership informs all of our work – we work in cooperation with individuals, Quaker Meetings, secular organizations, ecumenical organizations, Indigenous organizations, etc.
We believe that work is best done by working with – and supporting – those directly affected by the issues involved; by working together with others with whom we share a common concern; by working with Quaker Meetings as partners on projects so that the work is connected from the grassroots right up to national and international policy levels.
Partnership is all about relationship – with each other as individuals and as organizations. Partnership has its roots in our understanding that we are called to love one another and that truth speaks most profoundly from those with direct experience. Our work and projects are informed by listening to peoples’ experience and what they understand to be the needs and solutions to problems that directly affect them and their communities. This is the path to a transformed world: broadening circles, respecting one another’s knowledge and experience, and working together.

Partner Organizations of CFSC

CYM and CFSC are members or partners of organizations through which we undertake work of common concern. In addition to members of the global Quaker network, partners with which CFSC actively works include: