Yearly Meeting Minutes

Friends gathered at Canadian Yearly Meeting 2013

Friends gathered at Canadian Yearly Meeting 2013

Yearly Meeting minutes are positions on which Quakers in Canada, through a process of collective discernment, have found unity in the spirit, and have recorded this unity. As Canadian Friends Service Committee is a committee of the national body of Quakers in Canada – Canadian Yearly Meeting – minutes passed during CYM in session often call on CFSC to work on a particular concern.
Careful consideration and discernment about a concern starts usually at the Monthly Meeting level and this may be seasoned for some time before a minute is brought forward to CYM. Most of the minutes on this page arose following significant background research by CFSC, discernment by Monthly Meetings, and input from many Friends. Posted below are a selection of minutes approved by CYM that inform and guide our work as CFSC.
Note – all minutes below are in PDF. You may need to right or command click the links and download the files if they are not displaying properly in your browser.

Criminal Justice


Economics and Ecology


Human Rights


Indigenous Peoples’ Human Rights