Economics & Ecology


When we have freed ourselves from the psychic numbing that keeps
us from feeling the tragedy or experiencing the destruction of the
soil, water, air, and wildlife, we must learn how to go on living
with the pain without retreat or collapse. This is a call to faith.

Jack C. Ross, What Can I Do?

Almost all of CFSC's work implicitly connects with environmental issues.

Economics and ecology are deeply interrelated. Economic and ecological injustice and degradation are both root causes of conflict. When Friends see a way to rebuild or redress a balance, they assist as able.
Canadian Quakers actively engage on these issues through participation in various coalitions, including KAIROS. Currently the greatest focus of CFSC’s work on economics & ecology is synthetic biology although there is also on-going work on uranium and nuclear issues.
In 2002, CFSC first adapted and distributed an education package originally developed by the Economic Issues Programme of Quaker Peace and Social Witness (Britain). It contains a set of eight briefings that offer introductory information on a range of international economic institutions and issues. Much of this information remains relevant today and the rest provides good historical background on the origins of our concerns and work: Quaker Educational Package on International Economic Issues.