Dec 212011



Development and Peace, L’Entraide missionnaire inc. and CFSC issued a joint press release today.  We were very glad to be able to speak with one voice to insist that the international community stand solidly with the Congolese people by demanding that the election results be tabulated fairly and transparently.  Ignoring the reports of both national and international non-partisan organizations that insist that the tabulation has been unfairly manipulated and must be redone properly, the incumbent president Joseph Kabila made an investiture speech yesterday. On the same election day (November 28), ballots were cast for seats in the national legislature. Tabulation of these results will take about 7 weeks, and an announcement of results is expected in mid-January. The credibility of that announcement is much in doubt.

Click here for the 2-page press release, ” Hopes for Democracy in the DRC Must be Respected!”