What You Can Do

what you can do toward peace and justice is more than you might think!

Lynne Phillips, former CFSC board member, at the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in New York. Photo by Jennifer Preston.

“What can I do to help end poverty and foster a more peaceful and sustainable world?” you may ask.
Learn – Educate yourself about economics, ecology, human rights, the rights of Indigenous Peoples, Justice, and peace. Becoming well informed is the most important foundation of all. You can learn by reading materials, but also by participating in workshops, work camps, and direct service.
Take action – after carefully considering your positions, become active in campaigns for justice, letter-writing, etc. CFSC has various grants that individuals or Quaker Meetings can apply for. Here is more information about the different types of CFSC Grants (updated April 2014) that may help you take action in support of a better world.
Volunteer – on a project or issue, consider serving within CFSC or another opportunity in Canada or internationally.
Donate – to CFSC, so that communities overseas can have life-changing assistance in peacebuilding or economic development, so that Indigenous Rights enjoy greater respect and implementation, so that we can learn more about the nature of “justice” and how to address harm without a punitive approach, so that policy makers and decision-makers hear the Quaker voice for peace, justice and a transformed world. It’s easy to give in support of your values.
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