Oct 222019
Alternatives to Prison

What would a world without prisons look like? This provocative question is addressed in a new double-sided handout from Canadian Friends Service Committee—the peace and social justice agency of Quakers in Canada. The handout, Alternatives to Prison, highlights community-based sentences, Restorative Justice, education, employment, and training, addiction and mental health services, Healing Lodges, and what … read more

Oct 032019
CFSC's 2018-2019 Annual Accountability Report released

It has been a busy year with CFSC’s work growing in many exciting ways. Our 2018-2019 Annual Accountability Report hits the highlights in an easily readable format. Get a snapshot look at all of the incredible work that volunteers and staff helped to realize over the past year, thanks to the support of generous individual … read more

Sep 242019
Canadian Quakers refuse to invest in occupation

For a long time Canadian Quakers have held a concern for the wellbeing of all in Israel/Palestine. Many Friends have visited Palestine/Israel, have spent time learning from people in the region through engaging with Jewish Israelis and Palestinians with many different perspectives, and have documented the deplorable situation they witnessed first-hand. We are in agreement … read more

Sep 132019
2019 election resource kit launched

Canadians will go to the polls to vote in a federal election on October 21. Canadian Quakers care about many peace and social issues. This Election Resource Kit has been created to help you ask informed questions of all candidates seeking election to know where they stand on several key issues that CFSC works on. … read more

Sep 132019
Next Session of Parliament Must Prioritize Protection and Fulfillment of the Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples

OPEN LETTER TO ALL CANDIDATES IN THE FEDERAL ELECTION The Truth and Reconciliation Commission, the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, and numerous reports by international human rights bodies have all documented the profound and tragic harms that have resulted from Canada’s colonial laws and policies. Ongoing adverse impacts include denial … read more

Aug 072019
Annual Report on Quaker Truth & Reconciliation Work

At our annual gathering in 2016, Canadian Quakers (CYM) approved a minute (https://quakerservice.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/CYM-2016-Minute-on-Reconciliation.pdf) that listed six action points for Quaker Monthly Meetings and Worship Groups to take forward into the coming year. One of the action points asked local Quaker groups to report back to Canadian Friends Service Committee (CFSC) on their annual reconciliation work, … read more

Jul 292019
Respect refugees in the upcoming election

Candidates in many recent elections worldwide have played on racism and xenophobia (a fear of foreigners). This rhetoric is deeply harmful as it begins to make racism and hatred of migrants seem increasingly normal, even acceptable. We are joining with many organizations in an open letter calling on all candidates to be respectful of migrants … read more

Jul 082019
New resource on writing territory acknowledgments

Have you ever been to an event that began with an acknowledgment that it was taking place on the traditional territory of particular Indigenous peoples? Have you wondered what goes into such an acknowledgement or how to make one? CFSC has released a new two page handout to help with thinking through and making territory … read more