Why do people feel led to become members of CFSC?

Canadian Friends Service Committee has 15 members from across Canada. Canadian Yearly Meeting appoints people to CFSC for three-year, renewable (once) terms.

CFSC members and staff

CFSC members and staff, October 2019


Current members of CFSC (alphabetical by last name):

Daisie Auty (Toronto Meeting, Ontario)

Pete Cross (Hamilton Meeting, Ontario)

Barbara Everdene (Vancouver Meeting, British Columbia)

Graeme Hope (Interior BC Quakers, British Columbia)

Margaret McCaffrey (Yonge Street Meeting, Ontario)

Joy Morris (Calgary Meeting, Alberta)

Manuela Popovici (Ottawa Meeting, Ontario)

Lana Robinson (Cowichan Valley Meeting, British Columbia)

John Samson Fellows (Winnipeg Meeting, Manitoba)

Rachel Singleton-Polster (Cowichan Valley Meeting, British Columbia)

Linda Taffs (Cowichan Valley Meeting, British Columbia)

Christina Tellez (Halifax Meeting, Nova Scotia)

Vince Zelazny (New Brunswick Meeting)


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