Jul 292019

Candidates in many recent elections worldwide have played on racism and xenophobia (a fear of foreigners). This rhetoric is deeply harmful as it begins to make racism and hatred of migrants seem increasingly normal, even acceptable. We are joining with many organizations in an open letter calling on all candidates to be respectful of migrants in Canada’s upcoming federal election.

refugees welcome

To the leaders of all federal political parties

We are writing because we are concerned about how refugees and migrants in Canada may be characterized during the upcoming federal election campaign.

We welcome thoughtful discussion on complex issues related to migration, and recognize that there are many legitimate perspectives.

We are also conscious that refugees and migrants are easily victimized in political debates. In many countries around the world, especially during election campaigns, refugees and migrants have been talked about in ways that insult their dignity and humanity, contribute to xenophobia and racism, and are frequently grounded in distortion and misinformation.

We believe that every leader, every candidate, and every political party, has a role to play in preventing this from happening in Canada. We therefore ask you to engage in discussions about migration in ways that recognize:

  • Our shared humanity,
  • That Canada finds opportunity through diversity,
  • That refugees strengthen our communities,
  • That refugees help build our economy,
  • That Canada has legal obligations to respect and uphold the human rights of those fleeing persecution

We believe that how we respond to refugees, and how we talk about vulnerable migrants, is an important part of our collective identity.

We want to be a country that welcomes refugees, that respects the dignity and human rights of vulnerable migrants, and that treats them fairly.

We know Canadians value compassion, equality and safety for all.

In the upcoming federal election campaign, we call on you to demonstrate your leadership by respecting these principles and speaking out when they are undermined by others.

Your group can sign this open letter on the website of the Canadian Council for Refugees (of which CFSC is a member): https://ccrweb.ca/en/open-letter-discourse-refugees-migrants-elections

Learn more about CFSC’s work in this area: https://quakerservice.ca/our-work/peace/refugees/