Sep 202018

In 2016 Canadian Friends decided collectively to take their reconciliation work “to the next level,” committing to six specific actions. The last of the six commitments was to report back each year on actions taken and so we’re pleased to share the second such report!
The report describes the work of Canadian Quakers in support of reconciliation, sharing responses from 18 Quaker groups across the country. It provides insights about Friends’ work on each of the six areas they committed to in 2016:

  1. to continue to educate themselves, including children and youth, about the doctrine of discovery, the ongoing effects of colonialism, the UN Declaration, residential schools and their legacy (including the TRC Report), the history of the land on which they live, and reconciliation efforts.
  2. to formally acknowledge the traditional territories where their Meetings are located and engage in processes of reflection on the meaning of this. Acknowledgments can be accomplished through signage, statements during the close of Meeting, and inclusion in information provided to any community groups who use Meeting House space.
  3. to find out about current concerns of Indigenous Peoples from those territories, including land appropriation or resource development, with which the Meeting could be engaged.
  4. to investigate projects of cultural revitalization that Indigenous Peoples are involved in and discern if there is an appropriate role (including funding) that Friends can play.
  5. to uphold and support individual Friends involved with grassroots Indigenous rights and provide spiritual support to Friends led to this work. This might include offering committees of care and approving minutes of support.
  6. to report back annually through the Indigenous Rights committee of CFSC on actions taken. We ask CFSC to collate such information in their reporting to CYM.
Canadian Quakers & reconciliation

March for Reconciliation, Ottawa, May 31, 2015


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