Aug 032017
healing and rebuilding our communities

What happens in the wake of extreme violence like the Rwandan genocide? Many people who have been deeply traumatized must find ways to live together again.
The Healing and Rebuilding our Communities (HROC) method was developed in this context, to address the incredible challenge of building community at the grassroots in the aftermath of massive trauma. HROC training is offered by long-time CFSC partner the Africa Great Lakes Initiative (AGLI). Canadian Friends have taken a great interest in AGLI’s work and supported and participated in it in various ways over the years.

healing and rebuilding our communities

Healing and Rebuilding our Communities training, July 2017, Musanzi, Rwanda. Photo credit: Africa Great Lakes Initiative

14 peacebuilders came together in Musanzi, Rwanda, in July 2017 for intensive sessions to become HROC trainers in their respective communities. Participants came from Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, Chad, and various parts of the DR Congo.
CFSC sent two members of Project Muinda, from Kinshasa, DR Congo. Project Muinda is a small and isolated group of Quakers seeking to build peace in their city through local conflict transformation and education initiatives. Participation in the HROC training will give Muinda a new set of skills to use in their work. Learn more about Project Muinda and HROC.