Jan 112018
synthetic biology podcast

What better way to start the year than with another installation of our synthetic biology updates? Since 2014, Canadian Friends Service Committee has been publishing short and simple updates about the synthetic biology news that has made headlines. Read on to find out what synthetic biology is and how it’s being applied.

In this update:

  • The latest on “gene drives” that one day might eradicate entire species in the wild
  • Possible conflicts of interest, some undisclosed, among top science advisors
  • Research into editing human embryos in ways that can be inherited by future generations – how it’s being reported and the range of perspectives in the debate
  • Medical applications of synthetic biology and a timely study from The Lancet revealing a major problem in medical systems
  • A new database of the 75 or so synthetic biology ingredients already found in cosmetics, supplements, flavours, and fragrances
  • A new submission by Canada describing its approach to synthetic biology, including regulations
  • Attempts to control the use of synthetic biology in athletes
  • The “biohackers” experimenting on themselves with untested synthetic biology
  • Attempts to identify if an organism has been tampered with through synthetic biology techniques
  • Synthetic biology in cows
  • How the stock prices of the top synthetic biology companies are doing
  • A company claiming it will clone your dog
  • DNA being used as malware.
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    Synthetic biology conference poster

    Redesigning the Tree of Life

    We’re also pleased to share audio recordings of the presentations from the November 2017 conference Redesigning the Tree of Life: Synthetic Biology and the Future of Food. Each of these files can be played here or downloaded. Slides of the presentations are also available, and you can watch unedited video from the live stream (note: videos are low resolution).

    Read our paper exploring the key ethical and spiritual issues raised by synthetic biology.

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