Apr 242017

We asked for your feedback and because of what we heard, we’re excited to be launching a new website for our newsletter: http://quakerconcern.ca!
You can now read articles all the way through, no more flipping between pages in a PDF file. It will be easier to read Quaker Concern on different screens, especially tablets. This new site will also make it easier to share articles with your family and friends, and we hope you will.
For those who preferred reading Quaker Concern in PDF you can still download PDF copies on the new site. Print copies of Quaker Concern will continue to be mailed as usual. You can contact us to be added to the mailing list for print copies of Quaker Concern (free for all donors). To receive email notifications of when a new issue of Quaker Concern is available on the website sign up at http://quakerconcern.ca.
CFSC newsletter Quaker Concern has a new website