Aug 172015

From Harm to Healing: Transforming the Justice System is a newly launched educational resource that answers questions about penal abolition, dispels myths, and offers viable alternatives to a criminal justice system that harms criminals, institutional staff, families and communities.

An easy read at just four pages, the resource is still extremely thought provoking – touching on what penal abolition is and is not, how Friends are involved, the impacts of punitive approaches to justice, several successful examples of restorative and healing approaches used in Canada, and ways forward.

Regardless of your knowledge of penal abolition we expect you’ll learn something with From Harm to Healing. This resource will also be useful to you and your Monthly Meeting or other groups in having conversations about what justice means and raising concerns with the current state of Canada’s criminal justice system.

Download the penal abolition resource From Harm to Healing: Transforming the Justice System (PDF).

Penal abolition work of Quakers seeks to prevent, repair and move beyond harm

We’ve also revamped the criminal justice pages of our website so you can find out more about our work on the impacts of the justice system on children and youth and penal abolition.