Jun 302017

The first synthetic biology update of 2017 is here. In just a few pages and without requiring a background in science to understand, the update is designed to give you some insights into the applications of synthetic biology making headlines. Inside you’ll find updates on:

  • gene drives
  • hypothetical bioweapons
  • cyborg dragonflies
  • synthetic biology food
  • bacteria that may eat plastic
  • synthetic biology soil
  • hacking photosynthesis
  • fully synthetic viruses
  • using synthetic biology in living animals
  • why “de-extincting” the woolly mammoth is fake news
  • synthetic biology perfume and beer


Download the synthetic biology update (PDF)

What are the ethical, ecological, social, and spiritual dimensions of each of these possible applications of synthetic biology? Why are Canadian Quakers interested? Learn more.
Read CFSC’s synthetic biology position paper for our thoughts on the big issues in the field. You don’t need to be a scientist or expert to have a valuable perspective on these rapidly advancing biotechnologies.