Oct 092018

Canadian Friends Service Committee has joined with our partners at the Canadian Peace Initiative (CPI) to produce a new animated video The Story of the Rohingya: Imagine Another Way. The video very briefly presents the story of one Rohingya, Abu Ahmed. The video explains that Canada isn’t doing all that it could to support peace efforts to respond to escalating conflicts before they turn into genocides. The video highlights that there is something practical that could be done – the establishment of a federal Department of Peace to plan and coordinate Canada’s peace efforts. Certainly a genocide is complex with many causes and Canada can’t address these on its own, but it can take prevention more seriously and help to save lives by focusing its efforts in a Department of Peace.

This video follows on from the successful 2017 video Syria: Imagine Another Way, which has been viewed more than 9,000 times and generated important discussions about a Department of Peace.
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