CFSC supports local peacebuilding work in several parts of AfricaCFSC has longstanding partnerships with groups supporting women’s initiatives and women's rights in DR Congo and Burundi.

This work draws heavily on the wisdom and skills of our local partners. Our particular focus is on helping women to discover their skills and talents, to know their rights and what resources are available to them, and to be freed to reach their fullest potential.

Confronting gender-based violence

Friends Women's Association works in the African Great Lakes region to provide sexual and reproductive health and rights services and trainings

Friends Women’s Association program coordinator Parfaite Ntahuba giving a presentation in Toronto

CFSC supports Friends Women's Association (FWA), based in the capital of Burundi, Bujumbura.

In addition to running a medical clinic to provide free and affordable quality care, FWA focuses on addressing one of the roots of violence—discrimination and violence directed at women and girls.

FWA delivers training and raises awareness about gender-based violence, with a focus on getting church pastors and elected and community leaders—most of whom are men—to promote change. Once they come to understand the scale of the problem and that a change is needed, these influential figures begin speaking out about gender-based violence, encouraging a whole culture to shift what it sees as acceptable.

FWA also works with women survivors. These women and girls participate in solidarity groups and FWA's skilled staff help them understand their rights and what legal, psychological, and other supports are available to them. This work is so important because accurate and thorough information is often lacking, and both women and men falsely think that gender-based violence is normal or "just part of life".

CFSC also supports Action pour la Jeune Fille, a project of Kinshasa Monthly Meeting in DR Congo. This project provides language, vocational, and business management training to young women and supports they in finding work or setting up their own small businesses.