Quaker Concern is an 8 page newsletter sharing Canadian Quakers' stories of peace and justice work
We aim to update you about our work with clarity and integrity. We seek to produce news and educational resources that are simple, informative, and encourage you to Facebook and Twitter pages we connect relevant news stories to areas of our work, helping to explain what we do and why. On Instagram we share behind-the-scenes photos of our work in action.

Quaker Concern

Quaker Concern is an 8-page print and digital newsletter that CFSC has put out since the 1970s. It shares stories and calls to action from our work. Quaker Concern is published three times a year. Read it online at https://quakerconcern.ca, download PDF copies, or become a donor to CFSC to receive a free print copy.


Monthly E-Newsletter of the Canadian Friends Service Committee (Quakers)

The monthly CFSC E-Newsletter shares current and emerging concerns, updates on our work, our partners’ work, and other news relevant to Quakers in Canada.

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