Employment & Grants


Employment & grants from Canadian Friends Service Committee (Quakers)

CFSC’s Jennifer Preston, Monica Walters-Field and Rachel Singleton-Polster at the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues 2014

Employment and other opportunities available at CFSC are listed below. Canadian Friends Service Committee is a small team and much of the work is done by volunteers, so employment opportunities are available only infrequently. CFSC is an equal opportunity employer and appreciates all interest but it is our policy only to respond to candidates who are invited to interview for a position. Thank you for your understanding.

Summer youth employment

Check the Program Assistant page for details about this opportunity available each year.

Employment opportunities

None at the present time. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to our E-Newsletter to be informed if CFSC has any employment opportunities.

Volunteer opportunities

Check the service opportunities page to learn about ways you can take positive actions to let your life speak.


Got a leading? There are a range of small grants available from CFSC – read our grant information sheet to find out more. Here is the form if you are ready to apply for an individual grant. Please check the form carefully to see that the work you’re interested in qualifies for a grant before contacting us. If you do qualify and have questions after reading the grant information package? Feel free to be in touch!