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Canadian Friends Service Committee,
60 Lowther Ave,
Toronto, ON
M5R 1C7

Phone: 416-920-5213

Email: Use the form or contact the relevant staff or board member listed below.

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Board of directors (alphabetical by last name)

Click on a board member’s name to read their bio. Board members with a title listed can be emailed about that area of work. (“Clerk” is equivalent to what a non-Quaker organization would call “Chair” of a board committee or “President” of the board.)

Canadian Friends Service Committee has members from across Canada. Canadian Yearly Meeting appoints people to CFSC for three-year, renewable (once) terms. Members then appoint some amongst them to be the board of directors. The following Friends are currently members but not on CFSC's board of directors (alphabetical by last name):

  • Madelyn MacKay (Argenta Meeting)
  • John Samson Fellows (Winnipeg Meeting)
  • Jocelyne Tranquilla (Halifax Meeting)
  • Rachel Yordy (Vancouver Meeting)

Staff (alphabetical by last name)

Click on a staff person’s name to read their bio and/or to email them.