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Canadian Friends Service Committee,
60 Lowther Ave,
Toronto, ON
M5R 1C7

Phone: 416-920-5213

Email: Use the form below or contact the relevant staff or clerks.

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Current members of CFSC (alphabetical by last name)

Canadian Friends Service Committee has 15 members from across Canada. Canadian Yearly Meeting appoints people to CFSC for three-year, renewable (once) terms.

  • Daisie Auty (Toronto Meeting, Ontario)
  • Sara avMaat (Halifax Meeting, Nova Scotia)
  • Brenda Bratton Blom (New Brunswick Meeting)
  • Pete Cross (Hamilton Meeting, Ontario)
  • Barbara Everdene (Vancouver Meeting, British Columbia)
  • Lillian Henegar (Cowichan Valley Meeting, British Columbia)
  • Rob Hughes (Vancouver Meeting, British Columbia)
  • Madelyn MacKay (Argenta Meeting, British Columbia)
  • Manuela Popovici (Ottawa Meeting, Ontario)
  • Lana Robinson (Cowichan Valley Meeting, British Columbia)
  • John Samson Fellows (Winnipeg Meeting, Manitoba)
  • Christina Tellez (Halifax Meeting, Nova Scotia)
  • Jocelyne Tranquilla (Halifax Meeting, Nova Scotia)
  • Vince Zelazny (New Brunswick Meeting)


Clerks (equivalent to what non-Quaker organizations would call “Chair” or “President”) and staff serve as the main contact people for CFSC’s various areas of work. Click below to email the person you’d like to reach.

Clerk, Canadian Friends Service Committee: Vince Zelazny

Program Committees
Clerk—Criminal justice work: Daisie Auty
Clerk—Indigenous peoples' human rights work: Rob Hughes
Clerk—Peace work: Sara avMaat

Administrative Committees
Treasurer: Pete Cross
Personnel Clerk: Lana Robinson

Staff (alphabetical by last name)