Feb 122016
Honouring the Treaties

Public Event Honouring the Treaties: The Site C dam, the destruction of a valley, and the Trudeau government   Speakers: Helen Knott, Treaty 8 Stewards of the Land Rob Botterell, legal counsel to the Peace Valley Land Owners Association   7 PM Wednesday February 17, 2016 Tranzac Hall 292 Brunswick Ave (Brunswick & Bloor)   … read more

Feb 112016
There’s nothing clean about the Site C dam

Open Letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau   There’s nothing clean about the Site C dam: Canadian organizations condemn Peace River hydroelectric mega-project for human rights violations   Dear Prime Minister,   Our organizations are profoundly concerned that construction of the Site C dam is being pushed ahead despite the conclusion of a joint federal-provincial … read more

Feb 022016
CFSC is hiring a new criminal justice program coordinator

CFSC has a staff position available at the national office, Toronto. The Quakers Fostering Justice (QFJ) Program Coordinator is a half-time position (17.5 work hours/week). They support the work of the QFJ volunteer program committee which sets directions for the program, and is involved in program delivery. Work includes: Research, education and writing on criminal … read more

Jan 252016
Truth and Reconciliation: The Importance of Examining Genocide

The winter issue of our newsletter Quaker Concern is here and the cover story examines a crucially important topic – genocide against Indigenous Peoples. The article explains what constitutes genocide under the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide and notes that, “Viewed in isolation, certain actions might not be … read more

Jan 212016
Could YOU be the 2016 CFSC Program Assistant?

CFSC is now accepting applications to be our 2016 Program Assistant. This is a four month paid position offering young people 19-29 the opportunity to learn about office work, program work, and to do direct service work one day per week. 2015 Program Assistant Keira Mann had this to say, “CFSC opened up a range … read more

Jan 132016
Seeds of Peace - call for submissions

Seeds of Peace: Peacebuilding Stories   We are all aware of the world’s violence. Studies suggest that humans have an innate bias to pay attention to extreme or violent stories, and there is no shortage of these.   Yet all around us internal and inter-personal conflicts are being transformed in positive ways. Potential violence is … read more

Nov 242015
Joint open letter on free, prior and informed consent

Partners including CFSC have written the following open letter to Canada’s new Prime Minister:   Dear Prime Minister,   Our organizations welcome your public commitment to a renewed relationship between the federal government and Indigenous Peoples in Canada based on the rights guaranteed in Canada’s Constitution and enshrined in the United Nations Declaration on the … read more

Nov 242015
"Spiderweb" jackets and living shoes?

“Spiderweb” jackets, living shoes, edits to nonviable human embryos and much more is covered in the newest synthetic biology update from Canadian Friends Service Committee.   By combining biology, computer science, and engineering, synthetic biologists are creating novel life forms. Grounded in our values of peace, integrity, equality, simplicity, and respect for all creation, Quakers … read more

Nov 122015
Annual Accountability Report 2014-2015

CFSC is please to announce the launch of a new online Annual Accountability Report for the year. The Report is full of brief snapshots of what happened this year – program work, individual grants, work representing Friends in coalitions – all achieved thanks to the generosity of individual donors. Read on and learn about the … read more

Oct 202015
Quakers appalled at growing Islamophobia

Quakers are appalled at the bigotry and discrimination we see targeting the diverse members of the Muslim faith in Canada. We call on all Canadians to stand against this.   We cannot help but think that deeply divisive and harmful political rhetoric is one of the drivers of this growing hostility. We are witnesses to … read more