Feb 242017
Indigenous Rights & Reconciliation: Implementing the Colombian Peace Accord

CFSC is pleased to be one of the sponsors of this event “Indigenous Rights & Reconciliation: Implementing the Colombian Peace Accord”   A presentation by Luis Fernando Arias and Luis Fernando Arias and Terrylynn Brant.   Luis Fernando Arias – Indigenous leader of the Kankuamo people and General Counsel of the National Indigenous Organization of … read more

Feb 172017
*Updated* Fact Sheet - UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

We’re hearing more and more about the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples these days. From the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada to the Prime Minister to Indigenous Peoples themselves, community groups, the media… people are talking about the Declaration.   But what is it? What does it say? Where does … read more

Jan 312017
Resources for solidarity with our Muslim neighbours

We are deeply saddened by the recent massacre in Quebec City. As a faith community committed to actively seeking just peace, Friends are profoundly concerned by all acts of violence and hatred. Many recent events in Canada and other countries make it clear that our 2015 statement Quakers Appalled at Growing Islamophobia is tragically more … read more

Jan 272017
Quaker Concern is here with a fresh design for 2017

CFSC’s 8 page newsletter Quaker Concern (PDF) shares longer stories and updates from our work. We’re pleased to release the first issue for 2017 with a new look. Quaker Concern (PDF) is emailed for free three times per year – you can sign up here. All donors who wish to get a free print copy … read more

Jan 182017
CFSC joins joint statement on nuclear disarmament

CFSC has joined the international joint statement A Nuclear-Weapon-Free World: Our Common Good. Signing the statement, which has been issued jointly by faith leaders, mayors, and members of parliament, is part of our concern for nuclear disarmament. The statement reads:   From the ashes of World War II, and in the wake of the nuclear … read more

Jan 062017
Apply to be the 2017 CFSC Program Assistant

Based at our Toronto office from May 1 to August 31, the Program Assistant (PA) position is a full-time summer job for young people 20-29.   The PA is an entry-level position established to offer young people the opportunity to gain paid employment experience and skills by engaging in the work of CFSC and our … read more

Dec 142016
Our views on national security

As Quakers, we are well aware how dangerous surveillance and a “police state” can be. ~ CFSC, December 2016

Dec 082016
Canada's involvement in the arms trade

“We note with sadness that arms sales are an increasingly lucrative industry for Canada, which has become the second largest supplier of arms to the Middle East.”   So starts a new minute approved by representatives of Quaker Meetings from across Canada. The minute has been sent by Canadian Yearly Meeting to the Minister of … read more

Dec 052016
Groups from around the world call for moratorium on gene drives

Canadian Friends Service Committee has joined a major call from around the world for a moratorium on gene drives.   We’ve written about gene drives in our brief synthetic biology updates. They aim to overcome evolution by forcing a trait through an entire population (or even an entire species). The intention is to pass on … read more