Nov 102017
Annual Report 2016-2017

Our Annual Report 2016-2017 is now online with an introductory letter from CFSC Clerk Derek Nice, a brief rundown of the year in peace, Indigenous rights, and criminal justice work, and our revenue and expenses. We encourage you to read the Annual Report 2016-2017 to get a sense of how CFSC has put the donations … read more

Nov 052017
CFSC endorses Multi-Faith Charter

Canadian Friends Service Committee has joined a long list of endorsers (including Quaker agencies and Meetings) to a new Multi-Faith Charter being brought to the president overseeing the climate change conference in Bonn, Germany from 6 to 17 November. The full text is below.   Multi-Faith Charter   As believers from several of the world’s … read more

Nov 012017
Major UN Declaration symposium happening in Quebec

A major UN Declaration symposium is happening later this month at the University of Quebec. Implementing the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: Priorities, Partnerships and Next Steps will bring together Indigenous Peoples, key experts, civil society groups, and government. It is free to attend and will also be live streamed if you … read more

Oct 302017
Synthetic Biology Conference to be Live Streamed!

We’ve been hard at work as part of the planning committee for a conference on synthetic biology. The time is finally here, and the conference will be starting this Thursday! It’s being hosted here at Friends House, bringing together church leaders, synthetic biologists, experts critical of the rapidly expanding technology, farmers, Indigenous people, and others … read more

Oct 232017
CFSC writes in support of Chelsea Manning

Chelsea Manning is an internationally recognized human rights activist and whistleblower. She has received numerous awards for her work as a prominent advocate for civil liberties, government transparency, LGBTQ rights, and prisoners’ rights. She was denied entry to Canada last month and told she was “inadmissible on grounds of serious criminality.”   At CFSC we’ve … read more

Oct 192017
New synthetic biology podcast

CFSC Program Coordinator Matthew Legge recently sat down with Maria Simakova of the Canadian Council of Churches to do a synthetic biology podcast. The discussion was not technical and is accessible to anyone. It touched on some of the promises and dangers of the rapidly expanding field of synthetic biology. It also highlighted the upcoming … read more

Oct 112017
Sumud Freedom Camp

On May 19th of this year, 300 activists: Palestinians, Israelis, and a group of internationals (mostly young Jewish Americans), set up the Sumud: Freedom Camp on land belonging to the Palestinian village of Sarura in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.   The coalition behind Sumud: Freedom Camp now consists of four groups: The Holy Land Trust … read more

Sep 212017
Israel/Palestine, nonviolence, and F/friends

Maxine Kaufman-Lacusta will be leading a two day program on Israel/Palestine, nonviolence, and F/friends in Ottawa from October 13 to 15.   This program is open to all. Registration is limited and required by September 30th     Download the PDF file .   Download the registration form (.docx). And email it to Carol Dixon. … read more

Sep 212017
International Day of Peace!

“Commitments to address root causes are at the heart of the changes required for the international community to genuinely shift towards preventing, rather than responding to, crisis.” –Joint Statement, International Day of Peace   Today is the International Day of Peace! CFSC Peace Program Coordinator Matt Legge wrote a brief blog post published by our … read more

Sep 202017
Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty open for signatures

Today was the first day that countries could sign the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty. Canadian Friends Service Committee joined many organizations in calling for Canada to sign. The Canadian government refused to go to the meetings about the Treaty, which was overwhelmingly supported by countries all over the world except for the nine nuclear states … read more