Apr 202022

Several Quaker Meetings have come to us to express challenges in their work on peace and social concerns. They’ve said, in effect: “We’re exhausted. We see so many problems in the world and we try to take action on too many of them. In the end, we’re left feeling frazzled and spread too thin. How does Canadian Friends Service Committee navigate this challenge? How can we decide what causes to take up?”

In response to these questions and requests for help, CFSC has written a new pamphlet (PDF). Aimed at Quaker Meetings, the pamphlet explores what discernment is, what a leading is, and how to use Quaker decision-making processes to select what peace and social justice work to take on.

The pamphlet offers many queries that may be helpful for Meetings in this process. It concludes by sharing several tools for planning and communicating about peace and social concerns. This pamphlet was published by Canadian Yearly Meeting as part of their Canadian Quaker Learning Series.

Click the pamphlet to have a look inside:

Cover of CFSC's pamphlet Advice and Queries: Discerning Peace and Social Concerns by Tasmin Rajotte and Matthew Legge