We get by on very little, but I’ve always thought it’s important to support what you believe in. Sometimes you can make a big difference in little ways. I’m not a Quaker, but I’ve always been impressed by Quakers. That’s why I’m including CFSC in my will.” —David Rothkop

What is Canadian Friends Service Committee?

We’re the national peace and social justice agency of Quakers in Canada. For centuries the Religious Society of Friends (better known as Quakers) has been respected for its quiet, trustworthy, and pioneering peace and justice efforts—from boycotting slave labour to providing impartial medical relief during wars.

Since 1931 CFSC has continued this service work. Today our focus is on reconciliation and supporting Indigenous peoples’ human rights; promoting the rights of children whose parents have come into conflict with the law; and educating people in practical and hands-on conflict transformation and peace skills, both in Canada and in conflict-affected countries. (Learn more about our work.) CFSC’s values are rooted in the Quaker testimonies of simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and respect for all creation.


Download our information package on leaving a legacy.

How does leaving a gift to CFSC reflect what you stand for and care about most?


A gift made in your will is empowering. It helps you to be sure that you are leaving an ongoing contribution to a more just and peaceful world.

This short document (PDF) will help you understand why it’s worthwhile having a will, the personal benefits of leaving a legacy through a gift to CFSC in your will, the tax benefits, types of bequests, some sample wording, how to get started with estate planning, and more.


How can I make a bequest to CFSC?

We would love to chat and find out about your specific interests and any questions you have. Please contact our Communications Coordinator, Matt Legge.

Because an invalid will can create significant headaches, and this is sadly all too common, we encourage you to consult a lawyer in the preparation of your will, to ensure that it is consistent with your intentions. See our information package (PDF) for some sample wording to start from.

To include CFSC in your will please use our full legal name: Canadian Friends Service Committee. Our charitable registration number is 132146549RR0001. Our address is 60 Lowther Ave, Toronto, ON, M5R 1C7.

Thank you!


CFSC members and staff, October 2019