Dec 072018
Considering the Best Interests of the Child

Since 2015, Children of incarcerated parents has been a priority issue and area of work for the Canadian Friends Service Committee. Aligned with CFSC’s goals of penal abolition, reducing harm and restoring healing in the criminal justice system, CFSC works to raise awareness and advocate for the rights of children of incarcerated parents in Canada. … read more

Dec 072018
He Jiankui uses CRISPR on humans

Like many around the world, Canadian Friends Service Committee was deeply concerned to read the claim that twin babies were born after their DNA was altered in heritable ways using synthetic biology technique CRISPR. News reports since suggest that He Jiankui worked with a few people, mostly in secret, in order to recklessly pursue we know … read more

Nov 272018
Consider writing to Ontario Government to save the Child and Youth Advocate

Many Ontarians have been deeply troubled by the Government’s recent decision to close the Ontario Child Advocate’s office and transfer the duties of the Child Advocate to the Ontario Ombudsman. This is a very disappointing decision, which could have a devastating effect on children in Ontario and the protection of their rights.   The Ontario … read more

Nov 222018
Let Mohamed Harkat stay!

The following open letter was sent by Canadian Friends Service Committee due to our concern for the wellbeing of Mohamed Harkat.   Minister Ralph Goodale House of Commons Ottawa, Ontario Canada K1A 0A6   Dear Minister Goodale,   I write on behalf of Canadian Friends Service Committee (CFSC) the peace and social justice agency of … read more

Nov 212018
Annual Accountability Report 2017-2018 launched

We’re pleased to launch Canadian Friends Service Committee’s Annual Accountability Report 2017-2018. The Report offers brief highlights from the past year, showing how donations are put to good use in transforming conflicts and changing lives. This work continues thanks to the care and generosity of individual from across Canada and beyond. Please have a look … read more

Oct 152018
CFSC writes on recent accusations against Dimitri Lascaris

The following is an open letter sent to the leaders of Canada’s political parties.   Canadian Friends Service Committee, the peace and social justice agency of the Religious Society of Friends in Canada, conducts all of its work in accordance with Quaker testimonies: simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and unity with creation. We experience these … read more

Oct 152018
White poppy buttons for sale

We have white poppy pins for sale at the CFSC office (60 Lowther Ave, Toronto). They’re $2 each or 3 for $5. You can pick them up in person or contact us to discuss an order (mailing costs apply).   The white poppy has been controversial because it’s sometimes misunderstood as insulting to soldiers. The … read more

Oct 092018
New infographic explains Bill C-262

The following infographic, developed by the Coalition for the Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples, makes it quick and easy to understand the key elements of Bill C-262.   Find out more about Bill C-262  

Oct 092018
The Story of the Rohingya: Imagine Another Way

Canadian Friends Service Committee has joined with our partners at the Canadian Peace Initiative (CPI) to produce a new animated video The Story of the Rohingya: Imagine Another Way. The video very briefly presents the story of one Rohingya, Abu Ahmed. The video explains that Canada isn’t doing all that it could to support peace … read more