Oct 152018
CFSC writes on recent accusations against Dimitri Lascaris

The following is an open letter sent to the leaders of Canada’s political parties.   Canadian Friends Service Committee, the peace and social justice agency of the Religious Society of Friends in Canada, conducts all of its work in accordance with Quaker testimonies: simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and unity with creation. We experience these … read more

Oct 152018
White poppy buttons for sale

We have white poppy pins for sale at the CFSC office (60 Lowther Ave, Toronto). They’re $2 each or 3 for $5. You can pick them up in person or contact us to discuss an order (mailing costs apply).   The white poppy has been controversial because it’s sometimes misunderstood as insulting to soldiers. The … read more

Oct 092018
New infographic explains Bill C-262

The following infographic, developed by the Coalition for the Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples, makes it quick and easy to understand the key elements of Bill C-262.   Find out more about Bill C-262  

Oct 092018
The Story of the Rohingya: Imagine Another Way

Canadian Friends Service Committee has joined with our partners at the Canadian Peace Initiative (CPI) to produce a new animated video The Story of the Rohingya: Imagine Another Way. The video very briefly presents the story of one Rohingya, Abu Ahmed. The video explains that Canada isn’t doing all that it could to support peace … read more

Sep 262018
CFSC announces Reconciliation Fund

CFSC’s Reconciliation Fund was developed in early 2018 after Friends contacted us with an interest in seeing CFSC expand our reconciliation efforts. The Fund will issue small grants to Indigenous groups.   CFSC reached out to long-term Indigenous partners, asking them for guidance and support in creating and operating a fund. As a non-Indigenous faith … read more

Sep 202018
Canadian Quakers & Reconciliation 2018

In 2016 Canadian Friends decided collectively to take their reconciliation work “to the next level,” committing to six specific actions. The last of the six commitments was to report back each year on actions taken and so we’re pleased to share the second such report!   The report describes the work of Canadian Quakers in … read more

Sep 042018
Peace cyclist sets Guinness World Record

Canadian Friends Service Committee, the peace and social justice agency of Quakers in Canada, was thrilled to be, together with our sister agency the American Friends Service Committee, supported by Lynn Salvo in her recent cross-Canada bike ride. Lynn, 68, became the oldest woman to bike across the country when she completed the 6,616 km … read more

Aug 312018
Visit to Bujumbura, Burundi

Canadian Friends Service Committee has partnered with Friends Women’s Association (FWA) in Burundi for several years to help them deliver HIV testing and patient care, as well as work to counter gender-based violence. CFSC board member Bertha Small visited FWA in June and had this to report.   I arrived in Bujumbura on 23 June, … read more