Feb 122019
Free, prior, and informed consent: Canada's obligations

Federal, provincial and territorial interpretation and implementation of free, prior and informed consent must be aligned with Canada’s human rights obligations In December, in two separate letters issued under their Early-Warning Measures and Urgent Action Procedures, the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) called on Canada to seek independent, expert advice … read more

Feb 082019
Churches urge Senators to support C-262

The following open letter was sent to all Canadian Senators on February 7, 2019 Dear Senator, Thank you for the work that you do on behalf of Canadians. We pray for continued strength and wisdom as you consider the legislation that comes before you. As representatives of an ecumenical community committed to the principles of … read more

Feb 052019
Quaker Concern is back

It’s time to kick off 2019 with another edition of Quaker Concern, CFSC’s 8 page print and digital newsletter. In this issue Joy Morris sheds some light on how Canada may be failing children when their parents come into conflict with the law. Do Judges Consider Children’s Rights When Sentencing Parents? Bertha Small shares stories … read more

Jan 312019
How serious is Canada about regulating the arms trade?

Much has been said about Canada’s multi-billion dollar deal to export light armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia. Canada has also recently indicated it will accede to the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), an international agreement seeking to regulate the trade in conventional weapons. To do that, Canada made changes to its Export and Import Permits Act (EIPA) … read more

Jan 182019
CFSC stands with all Wet’suwet’en people

CFSC stands with all Wet’suwet’en people in their efforts to ensure their human rights are protected. We feel any use of force by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is the opposite of reconciliation. Respectful dialogue is what is needed. The Supreme Court of Canada has affirmed the need to reconcile pre-existing Aboriginal sovereignty with assumed … read more

Dec 182018
National Day of Action Against Hate and Intolerance needed

In 2015 CFSC and Canadian Yearly Meeting issued a joint statement Quakers appalled at growing Islamophobia. It has been one of the most read and shared documents on our website, indicating that a great many people share these concerns. Sadly, the situation may be getting worse. The most recent data from Statistics Canada highlights a … read more

Dec 072018
Considering the best interests of the child

Since 2015, children of incarcerated parents has been a priority issue and area of work for the Canadian Friends Service Committee. Aligned with CFSC’s goals of penal abolition, reducing harm and restoring healing in the criminal justice system, CFSC works to raise awareness and advocate for the rights of children of incarcerated parents in Canada. … read more

Dec 072018
He Jiankui uses CRISPR on humans

Like many around the world, Canadian Friends Service Committee was deeply concerned to read the claim that twin babies were born after their DNA was altered in heritable ways using synthetic biology technique CRISPR. News reports since suggest that He Jiankui worked with a few people, mostly in secret, in order to recklessly pursue we know … read more

Nov 272018
Consider writing to Ontario Government to save the Child and Youth Advocate

Many Ontarians have been deeply troubled by the Government’s recent decision to close the Ontario Child Advocate’s office and transfer the duties of the Child Advocate to the Ontario Ombudsman. This is a very disappointing decision, which could have a devastating effect on children in Ontario and the protection of their rights.   The Ontario … read more