Dec 082011

Urgent action needed to improve living conditions in Aboriginal communities: Canada must meet its human rights obligations In a joint statement addressing issues related to the current crisis in Attiwapiskat (December 8th, 2011), CFSC, Amnesty and KAIROS have called on the Government of Canada to work in good faith with the community of Attiwapiskat to address … read more

Nov 212011

  Election Day Report is In! On Sunday, Nov. 20, we received confirmation that 4 of our team had already received official accreditation from D. R. Congo’s Commission Electorale Nationale Indépendante as election observers for the predential elections, slated for November 28, 2011. The final member of the team received her card on November 23rd. … read more

Nov 032011

CFSC submission on the omnibus crime bill (C-10) calls on the Government of Canada to “put resources into building a society that supports people to fulfill their greatest potential rather than into reactive punitive measures.” Immediately following CFSC’s board meeting, a submission was made to the House of Commons’ Standing Committee on Justice and Human … read more

Apr 272011

Indigenous peoples and human rights organizations call for an immediate end to discrimination against First Nations families Indigenous peoples and human rights organizations urge all political leaders in Canada to make a clear public commitment to ending the discriminatory underfunding that is tearing apart First Nations families. For the last decade, government studies have shown … read more