Human Rights


There is an historic and continuing connection
between our belief in that of God in everyone,
and our traditional work to ensure the equal treatment of all persons…
as a people engaged in publishing Truth,
Friends themselves have experienced their share of arbitrary arrest
and detention without due process…
state legislation, because it deals with our relationships with one another
and with the social frameworks that support those relationships,
is a spiritual concern appropriate to Friends.

~ From the Statement Regarding Canada’s Anti-terrorism Legislation,
Canadian Yearly Meeting 2003, minute #57.

Human rights - Canadian Friends Service Committee

CFSC's work is based in human rights and human needs.

Friends’ work affirming human rights

Though all of CFSC’s work is rights-based, this area of our site addresses issues that are most fundamentally addressed through the human rights lens – civil liberties (including rights of due process), conscientious objection to war, and refugee rights.