Jan 312017
Protest sign reads: "No Islamophobia. No fear politics"

As a faith community committed to actively seeking just peace, Friends are profoundly concerned by all acts of violence and hatred. In Canada, the US, and elsewhere, there have been deeply distressing increases in hate crimes and white supremacy in recent years.

In particular hate crimes against Muslims in Canada have increased more than 250% from 2012 to today. Many events make it clear that our 2015 statement Quakers Appalled at Growing Islamophobia is tragically more relevant today than ever.

We encourage you to follow your leadings to build community and support those facing hatred and violence. You may be led to take part in local vigils, demonstrations, and to endorse the National Council of Canadian Muslims’ Charter for Inclusive Communities as CFSC has done.

You may also be led to express your concerns to your elected representatives, so they are aware of how you feel about Canada’s need to support Muslims, Jews, refugees, people of colour, and others being targeted as scapegoats.

Resources for support of Muslim communities

credit J. MacPherson CC-BY

Quaker Meetings have let us know that they’ve reached out to local mosques and been welcomed to visit and learn about Islam. They have also welcomed Muslims to visit the Quaker Meeting and learn about Quakerism. This type of education and exchange can be very helpful in making it easier to speak from a place of understanding and address false or hateful messages.

These resources may be helpful as you seek to engage with those around you and shine the light of peace:

Learn more about our vision for a culture of peacebuilding.