Annual Accountability Report 2022: We have an urgent situation here

A woman sleeps on a bed surrounded by clouds. This image was used in the Psychology Today blog post "The word Buddha comes from the Pali budh, which means to wake up. So, one translation for the Buddha is “the one who’s awake.” In modern parlance, he might have been called woke or the one who took the red pill. In his case, being awake didn’t mean overcoming ignorance about a hidden political agenda, but a more fundamental ignorance about the nature of reality itself. Mystics in many other spiritual traditions similarly make use of the metaphor of waking up to a higher truth. Multiple journalists and academics have noted how language and actions among both right- and left-wing activists—even staunch atheist ones—often closely mirror ideas and patterns in religions. The metaphor of having woken up to the truth may be another case in point. Ron Lach/Pexels Source: Ron Lach/Pexels It seems that feeling as if we’re awake to reality while others around us sleep has appealed to people with very different worldviews and in different places, for thousands of years. Perhaps this makes sense. All humans have the experience of going to sleep and of waking up. We generally don’t realize we’re asleep while we are, and waking up is a dramatically different state, one in which everything suddenly feels much clearer."
Beware the Popular Idea That You Know a Hidden Truth
November 10, 2022
Infographic from a new report estimating that 405,373 children have a parent in Canadian custody
New report estimates 405,373 children have a parent in custody & new documentary shows the harms this causes
November 24, 2022